Banff Wedding Photography

So you are interested in getting married in Banff?  I completely understand!!!  That's where I got married!  

Banff is an absolutely breathtaking location to get married.  With incredible venues, and amazing food, there is something so magical about choosing Banff as a destination wedding.  Located about 90 minutes out of Calgary, it is right in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.  Surrounded by incredible mountain vistas, and loads of wildlife, Banff is a stunning background for any bride and groom for their wedding.  Trust me, as a professional photographer born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, raised in Colorado and spent a good part of my adult life in Alaska, Banff takes my breath away. 

Many of the hotels and venues in Banff are wedding friendly and have staff available to help customize your wedding day.  If you are looking for ideas or recommendations give us a shout, we would love to help.  

When choosing a wedding photographer to cover your wedding day it's important to find a photographer that not only knows the area, but is also registered and licensed to work in Banff.  There are special rules and restrictions, and there would be nothing worse then hiring an out of town photographer that doesn't have all the correct paperwork, and isn't allowed to work.  

Chinook Photography not only meets and exceeds the requirements, but we are also very familiar with the area and will make sure to capture amazing photos of your wedding day.  Remember, not only do we love shooting here, this is where I got married!  








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