Emerald Lake Elopement | Emerald Lake | Frank and Nina

Emerald Lake Wedding Photographer

On May 18th my wife and I headed out to Emerald Lake to catch up with Nina and Frank as they came for a visit from Germany.  A major part of their visit was to elope!  They had chosen Emerald Lake from internet searches and to be honest couldn't have chosen better!  With the late winter the lake was still frozen, and there was still snow on parts of shady trails going around the lake, but we made it work!  I was honored to have my wife and I sign their wedding certificate as witnesses!  Something we are always willing to do.  

After the ceremony which was performed beautifully might I add by Field BC's own Kimberly Chapman.  Afterwords we headed around to take some photos in other locations!  

Congratulations Frank and Nina!  

Elopement Emerald Lake