Wellspring Spa Mt Rainer | Ashley and Andrew

Wellspring Spa Mt Rainer | Ashley and Vincent On Thursday Tamara (my better half) and I headed out to Mt Rainer to catch up with Ashley and Andrew at their wedding venue to scout it out and take a few photos.  This summer has been amazing for weather, its almost like I don't have to check it anymore.  Of course, blue skies, tons of sun!  What a perfect day.  We got a chance to explore the Wellspring Spa.  They have an incredible outdoor amphitheater style seating.  It is going to make for a great location to get married.  While there we scouted out some other locations for the wedding day in August.  I can't wait!!!

For now here are a few engagement photos!

Venue Info: Wellspring Spa, Mt Rainer Click Here for Info.