Eric and Michelle Get Hitched!

It happened!! I have proof! My childhood best friend got married!! Eric Hoskins and I have a long history, from growing up as childhood friends to being roommates in Conifer before I joined the army. He even came to see me most weekends in college! So when I heard the news this guy was getting married, I needed to be there for it. I have, for the past couple of months through Facebook, got a chance to get to know Michelle. She is perfect for Eric. Easy going, laid back and wants to make sure everyone has a fun at her wedding. We got together the night before to scout the location. A beautiful spot high on the bluff in Garden of the Gods. Amazing scenic views of Pikes Peak, downtown Colorado Springs, and Garden of the Gods. Perfect spot! Well, the hour of the wedding the weather decided to do it's own thing. I had put in a request with Eric for dramatic clouds, perhaps a little lightning in the background to add to the drama!! Well Eric delivered, ten fold. Pouring rain, high winds, sand blasting!! Unfortunately it was enough to have to change the venue. The reception was at the Springs Orleans. A beautiful restaurant in downtown Colorado Springs. The staff worked hard to clear out and area, and in a matter of seconds we had a wedding!! I had so much fun sharing this time with them. It was great to see so many other high school friends, and his family. And to be able to work with JJ Ruth and get some great photos for Eric made it all worth it!! Congrats Eric and Michelle! [ZFP_Photo id='2a9ab2bd']

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