Starting from Scratch

Stuff. I have stuff everywhere around my house and it drives me nuts!! What is all this stuff? I have boxes of stuff that I might need someday stored in the garage, or under the house! Enough!! When it comes down to it, what is the most important things to me? I often think if I had a fire in the house what would I take? If you had a fire, what would you take? My dog, my camera gear and my photos (both computer and old family photos) are high on a short list. What is on your list? Talking recently with a friend, she said there is a salt and pepper shaker her father made her that she would be devastated to loose. But in the midst of chaos trying to get out from a fire, would she have the clarity to be able to remember to get it? Today, while in Colorado, I had a chance to catch up with and old friend Jennifer and meet her fiancé Jason. Jason and Jennifer lost everything in the Waldo Creek fire in Colorado in early summer this year. It was incredibly hard for me to watch from Alaska all the devastation and displacement the fire caused as many areas where being evacuated. I can't tell you how strange it was to get live updates from Facebook of what was happening in real time, live with pictures. That in and of itself was a strange phenomenon. While glued to the updates, many friends where displaced, and evacuating. Of the friends, Jennifer and Jason lost everything when the fire took their home. Jennifer and Jason had recently got engaged, and were planning their wedding for the fall. While in Colorado I had reached out to Jennifer to see if there was anything I could do. All I know is how to take pictures. I asked if I could take engagement photos for them, and she was more then receptive. Last night I took another good friend, and editor to a magazine JJ Ruth, with me take some photos. Jennifer and Jason are the perfect couple. They are so funny, and positive, even in the midst of all this. They even took us to their house to see it. I was shocked to see how the subdivision is under 24 hour police watch. Apparently even in the devastation there are people that will come through to rummage through the rubble to take what ever they find. I have to admit, Jennifer and Jason's attitude are infectious! You can't help but internalize "if it happened to me" and how you would feel, but the two of them are amazing.