Banff Elopement Photographer | Mt Norquay Wedding

On September 8th I headed up to the top of Mt Norquay for a wedding at the Cliff House Bistro. The groom chose this location for it’s amazing beauty. Of course the morning of the wedding the clouds had closed in the mountains and didn’t offer any views. As with any wedding you just press forward and make it work. Just as we got to the top of the mountain via the chairlifts the clouds opened up and offered amazing views.

Gordon and Lucia Wedding WEB 30.jpeg

Canmore Helicopter Elopement | Jackie and Will

On 8/31 Brianna caught up with Jackie and Will to head over to Alpine helicopters in Canmore for an amazing wedding ceremony. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. But this fun couple didn’t let it spoil their day. They packed up the gang and headed out to the river to find a spot to have the wedding. To quote Brianna, everything she had got soaked! Just proof we will go anywhere you go when it comes to capturing your photos.

Jackie and Will Wedding Web 02.jpg